1. Building Inspection

    The City will require periodic inspections to ensure that the work being done conforms to the approved plans and the building code standards.

  2. Fingerprinting Services

    Live Scan is an automated inkless fingerprinting process. Fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) for processing.

  3. Graffiti Removal

    The City of La Habra's Community Services Department is working to clean up graffiti.

  4. Impound Vehicle Release

    Learn how to release your vehicle from the local impound.

  5. Notifications

    Sign up for notifications from the City of La Habra for current events, news, and more.

  6. Online Payment Refunds

    Find out how to obtain a refund for an online payment.

  7. Orange County Alerts

    AlertOC is a mass notification system designed to keep Orange County residents and businesses informed of emergencies and certain community events.

  8. Public Records

    Find out how to submit a Public Records Request and learn about various records the city maintains.

  9. Vendor List

    Request to be added to the Vendor List for the City of La Habra.

  10. Vote by Mail

    Any registered voter may vote by mail and there are different types of vote-by-mail options.