City Hall Services

  1. Contact City Hall

    Please fill out this online form to contact City Hall with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

  2. City Events Calendar

    View a calendar of events, programs, and meetings held by the City of La Habra.

  3. Request City Services

    Contact La Habra is an easy way to send your questions, requests for information, concerns, and compliments directly to City staff.

  4. Customer Service Satisfaction Survey

    Submit a customer service satisfaction survey to inform La Habra about your most recent visit to City Hall.

  5. City of La Habra Sales Tax

    View the most recent quarterly sales tax update.

  6. General City Documents & Forms

    Access City forms and documents by category.

  7. Public Records

    Submit a public records request to the City Clerk to access city records.

  8. Municipal Code

    The La Habra Municipal Code contains all City laws and regulations.

  9. City Budgets

    Review City budget information dating back to 2006.

  10. Financial Reports

    Access audit reports, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs), and more.

  11. Public Information Office

    The Public Information Office is responsible for media relations, distributing press releases, community outreach, and assistance with special events.